Princess Package
Round Ruby

The Princess Package

The Princess Package instructs “Little Gems” in the social graces of introductions, personal hygiene, appropriately handling teasing and bullying, and communication by phone and computer.


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Marquette Package
Round Ruby

Marquise Package

In addition to The Princess Package, The Marquise Package provides instruction in gracefully accepting “No”, steps to gift giving and receiving, the art of gift wrapping and more.

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Ruby Package
Round Ruby

The Ruby Package

In addition to The Princess and Marquise Packages, The Ruby Package  offers a full session of dining etiquette, food included!

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Radient Package
Round Ruby

The Radiant Package

This two-hour session focuses on feminine physical development and is designed for the maturing "Precious Gem", girls ages 10-15.

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Welcome to Ruby Etiquette

We specialize in instructing “Little Gems”
Girls, ages 5 - 12
in fundamental etiquette practices and communication skills.

Each session incorporates fun activities, insightful discussions, and hands on practice emphasizing the importance of manners.

Upon completion of a session package, “Little Gems” will be equipped with etiquette tools they can confidently use to impact their world as positive and respectful citizens.

We also offer a two-hour feminine physical development session for "Precious Gems", girls ages 10-15.

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