Frequently Asked Questions


Who will instruct my “Gem”?

All instructors have successfully completed training in etiquette instruction and have been awarded certification to instruct your “Gem” in the protocols of etiquette.
Each instructor enthusiastically awaits the opportunity to teach your “Gem” and enjoys watching all in attendance shine!

Where does Ruby Etiquette meet?

Ruby Etiquette meets at public locations in the North Dallas area!
Contact us to see where the next session will be hosted!

What is a “Sister Gem”?

A "Sister Gem" is a sister of your registered "Gem", between the ages of 5-18 years old.
We want to provide you with the opportunity to give the gift of etiquette to each "Gem" in your life.
Therefore, we offer a special session package price for each "Sister Gem" you register! Contact an instructor today to learn more!

Is there an opportunity to make up a missed session?

Please provide the Instructor with a documented notice of absence, at least one day prior to a session.
When an absence occurs, a make up session will be available during the next cycle of 4 week sessions, upon availability.
Approved absences that qualify for rescheduling include sickness or emergency situations.

Can I substitute/transfer my daughter during a session?

No. Only registered “Gems” can participate in the session package registered for.

Does Ruby Etiquette provide private sessions?

Ruby Etiquette sessions are designed for groups of 6-10 girls.
This class size provides each “Gem” with multiple opportunities to practice social graces with her peers.
Instruction time is followed by implementing what is learned with others in attendance.

What is your payment policy?

Before registration, your package price and payment date(s) will be posted for you to view.

Failure to pay on time will result in termination of the registered package and a refund will not be rewarded.

Option 1: Pay in full at registration.

Option 2: Two payments are scheduled.

- The first payment is due at registration.

- The second payment is due midway through the registered package.

Are there refunds?

-If after attending the first session you choose to withdraw your “Gem” from the remaining sessions, Ruby Etiquette will refund 25% of your registration fee.

- If after attending the first two sessions you choose to withdraw your “Gem”, a refund will not be rewarded.

- A refund will not be rewarded for The “Radiant” Session.

- A refund will not be rewarded for The Girl Scout badge earning sessions.


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